Created by

Thomas Ridgewell

Animated by

Edd Gould

Music by

Stephan Grant

Additional Art by

Marianne Mclaughin

Voiced by

Tom Ridgewell
Will Ryan
Chris Bingham
Edd Gould
Chloe Dungate

Thanks to

Thomas Costello
Casey Margolis
Sam Green
George Marino
Bastián Pascal
Tom Bown


1st January 2010

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asdfmovie2 is the sequel to asdfmovie by Tom and Bing. It was animated by Edd Gould.


A man offers a boy a pie, when he asks what flavour, he replies 'Pie flavour!'. A tiny pie jumps out of the first pie.

In a class some children say what they like the best. Then the I Like Trains Kid appears and says "I like trains." He is then run over by a speeding train.

One man tells another the word gullible is on the ceiling. Then man looks up but then finds out the other man has stolen his lungs.

The potato killer tries to step on the potato. The potato pulls out a gun and says, "Not today".

A clown shouts about his success in teaching a llama to drive, only for the llama to drive off a cliff.

A patient tells his doctor he thinks he might be a homosexual. When the doctor asks "How can you tell?" The man then throws up a rainbow.

An army officer shouts at one of his soldiers 'What are you, a man, or a mouse?' Only to find out he is in fact, a horse.

A teacher brings some cookies to her students. But then the I Like Trains Kid suddenly appears and says "I like trains". The teacher and the class then watch him get run over by another train.

A cartoon called Desmond the Moonbear is advertised, where a bear stands on the moon and says "How did I get here?" Then a voice outside the screen says, "The End".

A boy is reading a book and he starts to laugh that he can't read.

Two men have a kitten fight, but it turns out one of them is allergic to adorableness. He is hit in the face by a kitten and dies soon after.

The I Like Trains Kid's father asks I Like Trains Kid what he's up to. Then he replies "I like trains". His father just smiles and says "Yes you do".

The Bully says to another man "Hey, you know who's gay?" But before he can finish, the two are run over by a train.

After the c

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redits, a boy says he can't wait to eat his bagel, but someone else says he can, so the boy dosen't eat the bagel.


  • The potato and the potato killer reappear from asdfmovie.
  • The bully also reappears
  • This film was animated by Edd
  • The boy who likes trains has Edd's haircut and is voiced by Edd, he reappears in asdfmovie3
  • Desmond the Moon Bear was possibly inspired by their short "Drunk Science". In Drunk Science, a bear ends up in antartica.