asdfmovie5 Trailer
Tomsdog asdfmovie5 trailer


3rd May 2012

asdfmovie5 Trailer is a trailer for the fifth episode of asdfmovie series - asdfmovie5. Tom's Dog appeared in it.


A man invites somebody to look at his new dog. The second man does. The camera zooms in on the dog, whose tongue slowly sticks out. The second man's head promptly explodes.


  • This scene is similar to one from the asdfmovie3, but in contrast to the trailer, there was no dog. When the other man realized it, the two start screaming at each other.
  • Even though Tom's Dog was in the trailer, it didn't actually appear in the asdfmovie5.
  • Even though Tom's Dog wasn't in the asdfmovie5, his theme played at the end of the movie.

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