asdfmovie6 was uploaded on Febuary 6, 2013 


Before the intro, a man says to another man that he's going to punch his face in the faceHe does so.

A teacher welcomes people to "standing up school", but one falls over and the teacher tells him he fails.

A man plays a trumpet and a officer asks if he has a licence and the man with the trumpet tells him he'll never take him alive then uses his trumpet to kill himself.

A person and a door play a knock-knock joke. The door opens and smashes him.

A guy tells another guy that carrots are good for his eyesight. He jams carrots into his eyes and dramatically says that he lied to him.

Three people sing "Hello", but the FOURTH one steps on the Mine Turtle and they say in unison "Oh no". Then they all blow up.

A woman sees a puppy and her husband tells him that he has a knife. The puppy lies and says that he doesn't.

A person wearing a top hat and slotted glasses says "Everybody do the Flop!" and everyone flops.

A off-screen person talks to a burger, and the burger says "I used to be a cow". The person then exclaims.

The title says "And now the funniest thing you've ever seen... From really far away", and it shows one person hitting another person who blows up, and the other person says "Apples!". This is all far away.

The pony from Asdfmovie5 flies through the sky and the military shoot it down.

A person looks at his watch and then says that he has no idea how to breathe.

A little girl draws a bear on a real bear, who swallows the girl whole.

A person tells another person to not think about cats. He does and he pukes out a ton of cats.

A mother says "Here comes the airplane!" The son gasps softly and an airplane crashes into their house.

In the middle of the credits, it shows a guy choking and another guy asking for a doctor. One appears, and he calls the doctor a nerd. He high-fives with the choking guy.


  • The guy who punched a guy in the face must've had his hand shrink 
  • The person wearing the top hat and glasses is LilDeuceDeuce.
  • The Person who says "..carrots are good for your Eyesight?" is Vsauce's Michael.
  • Jokingly, there was a person who suggested that the people doing the flop were drop-outs of the standing up school.
  • The son in "Here Comes the Airplane" is the "I like trains" kid.
    • This explains how the "I like trains" kid can call a train just by saying "I like trains."
  • This is to be the second ASDF movie since the death of Edd Gould

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