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Thomas Ridgewell

Date Created

October 27th, 2007

DarkSquidge is Tom's second channel. This is where he uploads Last Weeks, talky-vlogs, mail-vlogs, and updates.

History Edit

DarkSquidge was first created to upload random skits that he didn't deem fit in his main channel. Then he started to upload TomSka's Day Out which is a series that started just to test-out his new camera, then he started uploading talky-vlogs and opened up a P/O box along with starting podcasts (that so far only has 2 episodes), and then started uploading his failed sketches in a series called Scrap'd Week, then started another series called Last Week and 2 mini-series called YouTube Money & Fat Loser.

Trivia Edit

  • He got the name DarkSquidge from mixing his "online personality" (dark) and what his teacher used to tease him as (squidge). And that became his online persona since he was a teen.
  • His first video on this channel that got into the "Trending" tab was "Cringeworthy Control Freak".
  • He actually opened his channel since October 2007, but didn't start to upload regularly until Jul of 2011.

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