I Like Trains Kid
I Like Trains Kid
I Like Trains.


I Like Trains Kid





First Appearance


The I Like Trains Kid is a kid which appeared in asdfmovie2 for the first time, always in a gag where him or somebody near him gets hit by a train. The only thing he says is "I like trains." until the I Like Trains (Song) where he said "I feel great!" He also appeared at the end of asdfmovie3. In Birthday Questions, a video on TomSka's second account, DarkSquidge, it is confirmed that the I Like Trains Kid is immortal, which explains his ability to constantly return after being struck by a train.


In asdfmovie2:

  • In a class some children say what they like the best. Kid says "I like trains." and is then run over by a speeding train.
  • A mother brings some cookies to her children. But then kid suddenly appears and says "I like trains." The mother and her children then watch the kid get run over by another train.
  • His father asks him what he's up to. Kid replies "I like trains." His father just smiles and says "Yes you do."
    • A man then tries to repeat the "you know who's gay?" gag, but gets run over by a train.

In asdfmovie3:

  • The potato killer prepares to step on the potato again. But suddenly kid appears and says "I like trains." The man and potato are then hit by a speeding train and the kid smiles.

In I Like Trains (Song):

  • It tells the I Like Trains Kid's backstory.


  • The I Like Trains Kid is the same style as the animator Edd Gould, has the same hairstyle as him and is voiced by Edd.
  • The kid might not appear again because of Edd's death. However, it is possible that he will appear again with different voice actor or using only the voices Edd left behind.
  • There are two scenes where kid said "I like trains." where a train didn't hit him, but other characters near him.
  • There is only one scene where he said "I Like Trains" and a train didn't appear (although the train ran over someone in the next episode).
  • He is also the first character in the series that got a song for himself. The Mine Turtle was the next and the Do-The-Flop Guy was third.
  • He also appeared in the Mine Turtle (Song) where he has a hoodie and a hat which turns out to be the Mine Turtle.
  • Edd sadly died of cancer.