Marmite is terrible
Marmite is terrible

Animated by

Edd Gould

Voiced by

Thomas Ridgewell

Marmite is terrible is a viral video for the marmite hate party. It stars asdf characters which were animated by Edd and voiced by Tom.


Marmite finds the pony: A little girl asks marmite if he has seen her pony, he then tells her that he ate the pony and the little girl cries.

Marmite gets a new friend: One man asks marmite why nobody likes him. Marmite then sets the man on fire. The man then remembers that this is why and says "Oh yeah.".

Marmite gives directions: Marmite gives a man directions to his house, the man then ends up driving his car into the side of a building.

Marmite gives moral support: Steve's boss gives him a promotion, but then marmite gets involved and Steve is fired less then five seconds after.

Marmite saves the day: John comes home to his wife to find her in bed with marmite and he shouts "Marmite! What are you doing?!" Marmite then replies 'I'm sleeping with your wife John.' but his wife is still shocked and awake and he says "Uh,Yeah. You are".