Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is a friend and colleague of Tom, he lived in a flat with Bing and has appeared in several cakebomb videos. He is also know as double t to stop confusion with him and Mat, who only has one t.

He should not be confused with Mat Johns, another friend and colleague of Tom, or Matt Hargreaves, somebody Tom works on Eddsworld with.

For Mat Johns, click here


In Standoffish, Matt chased Beth back into the room when she tried to leave and aimed a G-36 at her, he later aimed the gun at her again when it turned out she was vegan.

In laser pointer, Tom uses a pointer on him, he is then shot by Emma with a sniper.

Tomska's day outEdit

Tom went to his and Bing's flat at the start of the day. At the alboritum, Matt shook up and threw a coke bottle, making it really fizzy, he then tried to drink it, but Mat squeezed it in his face and it exploded. He then chased Mat through the park. He also got Mat to throw a tennis ball at his back. Later he played on the play ground and prepared to jump off, then Tom told him he had nothing to live for. Everybody went back to his and Bing's flat for a party afterwards

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