"Family Photo"

Created by:

Thomas Ridgewell

Animated by:

Paul Ter Voorde

Proceeded by:

Bad Singer

Succeeded by:

The Confession

Memories is an animation made by Paul Ter Voorde, and created by Thomas Ridgewell .


It starts out with a family watching all their memories, with the Mom holding their child, then with the boy eating spaghetti. Then, showing their Mom pregnant with the boy's sister. After that, it shows the child playing in the park, with the familys teapot steaming, the family stops the tape, with the kid noticing something wrong then replaying the tape to show some guy switching the child. The Kid later gets depressed and breaks the tape in half.


  • The guy switched the kids. what and why did he do to that child?
  • The original child had the One Star Dragon Ball on his shirt and the other had a Pokèball.