Mrs Johnson
I Love It!


Mrs Johnson


Unknown (Likely Female or Transvestite)


Hyper-Intelligent Horse People

First Appearance

The Fallen

"I love it!"

-Mrs Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson is a horse-headed person used as recurring gag who says "I Love It!" giving a thumbs-up whenever she appears.


Mrs Johnson first appears in The Fallen, where she was a soldier's wife. The soldier wanted to do a poem to her expressing his disgust to her horse-headed appearance and asking for the divorce.

Ever since that video, Mrs Johnson had appeared in many of Tomska productions, including one deleted scene from asdfmovie (which explains how she got her horse head).

According to Meanwhile 2, she was exiled from a parallel universe for unexplained crimes against her country, Equesteron. She then claimed that she had an explanation for her behaviour.

In HORSE, she is shown to have psychopathic tendencies, killing (most of the time with a knife) everyone she gets close to. In this video she meets a black horse-headed, who according to her, wasn't supposed to be there because he/she was dead. He may have been the horse-person she murdered to be exiled to our universe.

Biography Edit

Magical Pony Edit

The Magical Pony joined a scout club. Her trainer told her, "Are you a MAN, or a MOUSE?!". She was a horse. She was owned by a boy, who later rid her in a horse race (in HORSE. She lost). The boy wondered, "If my horse can fly?" The Pony starts flying. It is shot down by the Army. Its head lands on a Asdf Man. He looks at his new head, and says: "I LOVE IT!"

Asdf Man (Magical Pony) Edit

The Asdf Man. He was standing there when the Pony Head fell on him.

Mrs Johnson Edit

As Mrs Johnson, the hybrid creature appeared in a universe where everybody has pony heads, to suit her appearance. As she was slightly psychopathic, she probably commited some crimes there. She was put on trial, and sent to our universe as a punishment. She killed several people.


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