Nelson Kelem


Web developer

Nelson Kelem attended the Lincoln Hack and helped work on Tom's website during it. He has a smashed up phone which Tom critisised for being broken. At one point in the hack he started jumping around for energy

Lincoln HackEdit

Sat 12pmEdit

He is seen holding his laptop in the air.

Sat 2pmEdit

He is dancing in sinc with a character on the computer along with a bunch of others.

Sun 12amEdit

It turns out he was the only one out of his 20's to not have gone home.

Sun 2amEdit

Tom says that Nelson is working on his site and that he is very quiet, but as soon as he says that Nelson shouts random gibberish while out of shot

Sun 4amEdit

Nelson jumps around tha room shouting 'I need energy!'

Sun 6amEdit

After a couple minutes of tracking a loud snoring sound, however, they find it is coming from Nelson under the table

Sun 10amEdit

Tom's asks if you could really trust a web developer with such a bad phone. Nelson replies by saying 'Because i'm amazing, I don't have time to switch my phone' Tom then says 'That's not how being busy works'

Sun 12pmEdit

He leaves to go to sleep along with everybody else

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