Oli Taylor

Oli Taylor is a friend and colleage of Tom. He appears in some cakebomb episodes. He always wears sunglasses in cakebomb videos.


In Standoffish he gets out a modified MP-5 and aims it at Richard during the standoff. He then aims it at Beth later on.

When Tom's bodyguard punches the sandwich Oli had made, Oli gets angry and punches the guard in the stomach, knocking him out. (Bodyguard

He manages to put a gun together while blind folded at the start of Laser pointer.

In the fictional version of Rad Party, he and Max have a shot then give each other a friendly hug. In reality, Oli is strangled by Max.

Tomska's day out

In Tomska's day out 3 he appears but doesn't say anything. He appears again in Tomska's day out 4 where Bing tells him not to climb on his roof. Oli replies 'I will.'


In Funtime shorts he and a group of others make some shorts. In his short he jumps out of a tree and asks for some water, then walks off.

Oli attended the Lincoln hack, Tom asks him what he's most looking forward to, and he replies 'Pizza'