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Rock Bottom

Voiced By:

Thomas Ridgewell and Edd Gould

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Rock Bottom is an animated short/sitcom by TomSka. It features Tom and his friend, Edd, whose house falls to the bottom of the ocean after living on a cliff. It has over 6,000,000 views on Youtube, and was made just before asdfmovie5. 

Theme song:

Tom and Edd used to live in a house on a cliff, till they sank to the bottom of the ocean.

First they saw a shark(aah), then they saw a whale(eeh), then they saw a salmon punch a bear(what the bitch)

Even deeper than Atlantis, Even deeper than Titanic, Even deeper than this existential squid(What is life)

Past the catfish, Past the hatfish, Past Poseidon in a dress till they landed at the bottom of the sea, "ROCK BOTTOM"

Tom and Edd's house (which was on a cliff) sank to the bottom of the ocean. At the start of the episode Edd interrupts Tom (who is boarding up windows) by saying "Hey, Tom, I got my grades back today." Tom shouts back "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" Edd replies "Theyre below sea level" Tom then shouts "YOU HAVE TO HELP ME BOARD UP THESE WINDOWS!" Edd then says, "That teacher sure harbors a grudge" Tom then shakes Edd by his green top while shouting "WHY ARE YOU JUST MAKING PUNS?" There is a silence. Edd then breaks that silence by saying "Shes a real beach". Edd then goes for the door saying "Well I have my date with Stacy. Sea ya!" He then opens the door. Tom quickly shouts "NO WAIT DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!" to which Edd does open the door, and a water drowns them both. They are found by police in a net, and the first officer (named Frank) says, "It's a damn shame." The other officer then says, "Hey, Frank, look at this duck." to which Frank replies, "That's hilarious."

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