Suicidal Muffin
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"Why won't you let me die?!"


Suicidal Muffin (a.k.a Mr. Muffin)




Baked Food

First appearance


The Suicidal Muffin (or Mr. Muffin) is a character that appears in asdfmovie7. All of its lines go around the theme of wanting someone to kill/eat it.

Appearances Edit

It first appears in asdfmovie7 when it asks an asdfman to eat it, but he refuses. "Who wants a muffin?"

In asdfmovie8 an asdfman asks what time it is where the muffin answers "It's muffin time!" but then was corrected saying it was 12:30. "Somebody kill me!"

He also appears in the Everybody Do The Flop music video & in various scenes in The Asdfmovie.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second character who is food. The first being Potato.
  • This is the first (and only) food-type character to have its true colour revealed.

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