Tom "Monster dong" Ridgewell
A photo of Tomska in 2012


you fool its massive dong, not monster dong


Director, Youtuber, Comedian, and Co-Animator


Tomska, Eddsworld and Darksquidge

Tomska Subscribers

4,7 M (TomSka), 710K (DarkSquidge), 920 (TomSkaPreviews), 130 (Videogaes)



"I said beep beep I'm a sheep I said beep beep I'm a sheep"~Tom

Thomas "Tomska" Ridgewell is a left-handed British YouTube creator who has been active on YouTube since 2004 With the help of Edd Gould started a mini animation series "eddsworld". Although he began the wonderful journey of pleasing thousands of random people with sketch comedy in 2006, it is debatable that Tom did not truly make his YouTube Debut until 2008 with the ever-popular short animated sketch labeled "ASDF movie"

The short animated sketch (according to Ridgewell) got it's inspiration from another short animated sketch series of similar format labeled the "LAYZAR collection"

In 2012 Tom took the reigns in producing more animated "eddisodes" in which in 2004 he helped and supported the series called "Eddsworld". Shortly after the passing of Edd Gould, a good friend, and brilliant creator. Ridgewell passed along the reigns of Edd's world to Edd's family in 2016.

Tom remains active on his channel to this day but does not upload to his main channel on a set timetable. He is an advocate for spreading the awareness of mental disorders such as depression and providing information on where to receive help but he mostly (as of recently anyway) seems to upload to his second channel where he releases a weekly vlog called "Last Week" that compiles events that happened in the week preceding the upload week and documents what Tom was doing that said week. It is often praised for how "real" the vlog is, in terms of subject matter and does not glamorise events that happen and Tom is often seen talking to the audience at home (Usually late at night) explaining his worries and anxieties to the camera, which only further exemplifies the reality of the vlog.

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