Tim Nichols

Tim Nichols is a friend and colleage of Tom. He appears in some of the videos on Tom's youtube account and was a member of cakebomb


In Standoffish he is hiding a Walther P99 in a box of cereal, which he aimes at Tom during a standoff, then later aimes it at Beth.

He is forced out of his seat by Tom's bodyguard while he is eating breakfast. (Bodyguard)

In Super Pervet it turns out Tim has psychic powers which he uses to undress Beth. He uses these powers again to blow up a toy penguin with his mind in Tomska Vs Christmas.

In Sitcom Strikes back he is trying to eat breakfast but he is repeatedly edited over.

Tomska's day out

In Tomska's day out 3, Tim appears at the Alboritum and requests to go to a shop. Tom gets him to open a Lucazade for him.

Tim acts as a zombie for the film Tom and Bing make in Tomska's day out 4


He attended the Lincoln hack, his project was to add explosions to people