Thomas's dog.

Tom's Dog is a dog created by Thomas Ridgewell. It was first an image created for Jennifer Bingham (Tom's former girlfriend), and it later became a website and appeared on the asdfmovie5 trailer. Edit is a website Thomas Ridgewell made when he was "feeling sad" (due to Edd Gould's recent funeral) because "when [he gets] sad [he makes] websites".[1] The content of the website is a picture of his dog with the song Tom's Dog (asdfmovie5 theme) by The Living Tombstone[2] playing in the background.

asdfmovie5 Edit

Main article: asdfmovie5
Tomsdog asdfmovie5 trailer

Tom's dog in the asdfmovie5 trailer.

Tom said he would work the dog into asdfmovie5 if the hashtag "#tomsdogdotcom" would become a worldwide trending topic on Twitter;[3][4] while it didn't manage this, it did manage to become a trending topic in the UK.[5]

The dog later appeared in the asdfmovie5 trailer that was uploaded to YouTube on 3rd May 2012.[6]

Transcript Edit

Man 1: Hey man, look at my new dog.
Man 2: Oh yeah, that's pretty coo–
[The camera zooms in on the dog, whose tongue slowly sticks out. The second man's head promptly explodes.]


  • Even though Tom's Dog was in the trailer, it didn't actually appear in asdfmovie5.
    • Nevertheless, his theme played at the end of the movie.
  • Tom's Dog has a fan page on Facebook.[7]


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