#WeLoveYouTomska is hashtag created by twitter user @LockedOutOfPhil also known as Amy, who is a 'phandom' account. The first known tweet using the hashtag #WeLoveYouTomska is here; The hashtag was created after Tom uploaded a video onto his second channel, DarkSquidge, entitled 'Homeless and Helpless', where he discussed his depression and frustration throughout the past year from when he was first diagnosed. The video caused many people to tweet using the hashtag #WeLoveYouTomska and a few twitter accounts were made to fully support Tom in his ongoing battle with depression. Many people tweeted Tom to make sure he saw the hashtag, but we feel it made him feel uncomfortable as he didn't tweet directly about the hashtag, but tweeted that he was overwhelmed by the amount of support he'd received and how nice everyone had been to him. Tom is a well-known creator in the YouTube community and we want to support him while he goes through this tough stage in his life. If you would like to use the hashtag #WeLoveYouTomska along with a few words of encouragement, please feel free to join as we try to help tom as much as we can to help him get better.

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