"Hey, you know who's gay?" - YNWG man.

Name YKWG Man
Companions His victim
Appearances 3
Sketches 1. YKWG1

2. We are Gay

3. Train Interruption

The YKWG man usually accuses an asdf man of being gay.

First Sketch

YKWG: Hey, you know who's gay? YOU are!

His victim sticks a knife into him.

YKWG: Oh, come ON!

Second Sketch

YNKG: Hey, you know who's gay?!

It is shown that they are getting married. they smile.

YNKG: WE are!

Third Sketch

FATHER: What do YOU like?

ILTK: I like trains.

FATHER: Yes ... Yes, you DO.

Cut to other place.

YKWG: Hey, you know whos g -

They are hit by train.

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